Vincent Alcivar
Magic 8 Ball
Java, OpenCV, and AndEngine for UI and physics simulation

Android application that combines computer vision and physics simulation to help billiards players decide what shot to take next. After taking a picture of a game in progress the app identifies the balls and analyzes their position, then presents the user with a top-down 2D representation of the table. The user selects which balls he is interested in and the best pockets for each selected ball are shown with the optimal ball eventually being highlighted in blue. The user runs the simulation to view the outcome of the shot. Allows the user to continue simulating to plan for future shots.

Twit Invaders
Processing/Java and the Twitter API

A vertical scrolling shooter that uses real time Tweets as enemies. The player can fire on the enemy and move in two dimensions. Tweets are parsed and given a color based on negative, positive, or neutral language. Players must avoid positive Tweets at all costs and shoot negative Tweets to regain lives. Provides options to toggle sound and particle effects, and users can change difficulty depending on experience.

Download for: Windows | Mac

Inventory Manager
PHP, Lightbox.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL

Created for a horse trainer/breeder to help keep track of horses for sale. The user can upload multiple pictures of the horse, link to YouTube videos of the horse in action, and fill in several descriptive properties of the horse. All inventories can be viewed and sorted based on criteria such as sale status, gender, or date added. All properties are editable and the horse can be deleted once sold. The inventory is published to a separate gallery page for potential buyers.

My Calendar
PHP, AJAX, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL

An SQL database driven calendar that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. The user can add, edit, and delete events. Features controls that allow the user to jump to specific months and quickly navigate to specific dates.

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Super Search
PHP, AJAX, Javascript, HTML, and CSS

A web scraper designed to allow the user to retrieve thousands of results at a time from a yellow pages website, ZipsLocal lets users search for directory listings by keyword and zip code, and is a useful tool for generating sales leads. Super Search enables the user to enter an unlimited amount of zip codes per keyword. Results can be saved to a formatted .tsv file or appended to an already existing file, and can then be opened in Excel for further sorting and manipulation.

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Second Life Information Maze
PHP, LSL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL

A maze in Second Life that interfaces with an SQL backend to create an interactive learning environment. Users are guided through the maze by a floating green arrow. In order to make the arrow move, users must correctly answer questions based on information obtained from previous checkpoints. Users can log in with their avatars so that the maze remembers their last position if they need to leave. A group effort. Designed maze, developed PHP and SQL backend, and developed interface between maze and backend server.

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Photo Manager
PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL

A tool that lets users store and manage photos online. Once the user registers for an account, he can create, rename, or delete albums and upload up to five photos at a time. Users can view all of their albums at once on a gallery page.

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To skip registration, use the credentials: user, pass.


A game made for Android that takes a novel approach to the age old classic, Battleship. Added new features to gameplay, such as the ability to move and turn ships. Also added randomly generated powerups, such as radar, stealth, nukes, and health regeneration to make the game more engaging. A group effort. Helped design and implement the game engine and developed in-game UI.

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Requires medium resolution screen or better.

Project Gutenberg Explorer
Processing/Java, proXML library, and the Bing API

An application that helps users visually explore the top 100 books from the past 30 days on the Project Gutenberg website. The user is presented with a web of genres, each of which contains one or more authors. Clicking on an author reveals all books on the list by the selected author and a few details for each book. Features controls to pan and zoom around the web of genres. Uses Bing API to search the web for images of book covers.

Download for: Windows | Mac